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Instant Developer Foundation 20.0

These last few weeks have certainly been out of the ordinary. The Coronavirus emergency has slowly changed habits, beginning with professional habits, forcing many people to work remotely and reorganize the way they operate. But all of this hasn't remotely affected our release plans for...

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Instant Developer Cloud 20.0

So here we are, punctual as ever, for our half-yearly appointment: the release of Instant Developer Cloud. This year however, the occasion is especially heartfelt: a bit because with the arrival of a new decade, this release bears a round number, and like all round numbers, it arouses a bit of expectation...

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Instant Developer Foundation 19.5

We're keeping one eye on the needs of the development professionals and companies who use our platform, and another on anticipating them so our customers are ready to tackle the next challenge. This is the approach we've always taken, so we can be confident that in the recently-released version 19.5...

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Instant Developer Cloud 19.5

Digital transformation is the engine that drives our company, the point from which our mission originates. Allowing companies and individuals to seize all the opportunities and challenges that digital transformation has to offer is what drives our constant renewal. For that matter, Steve Jobs said that innovation is the ability to...

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Designing UX for business software: standard UX solutions

In the previous article, we saw that the first step in correctly designing a UX for business type applications lies in knowing your user, and that to do this you must put together the User Profile, User Stories, and Business Model documents. At this point…

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Designing UX for business software: learn to know your user

In my previous article, "Designing UX for business software: the solution in two steps", I tried to motivate people who have developed business software to review their applications in a User-Centric fashion, providing a simple two-step recipe for success.

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