A Cloud IDE for the present, ready for the future

The Instant Developer IDE is an integrated environment where you can develop back-ends and front-ends for your omnichannel applications.

It’s always current with updates to technology, leaving you free to focus on creating your software, on your own or as a team.

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The integrated environment by definition

A powerful IDE in which you can write code and customize each individual aspect of your applications, manipulate your project simply and quickly using drag&drop, and test your software in multiplatform simulators in real time

Cutting-edge UI and UX with extensible and granular graphic components

Instant Developer includes a cutting-edge display framework based on extensible and granular graphic components. Web and mobile front-ends created with Instant Developer are fast and responsive like the best native applications installed on devices and computers thanks to its Remote Abstract Virtual DOM, based on the best push technologies.

The graphic frameworks are also expansible for integrating new graphic components and fully customizable through traditional front-end development technologies.

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Integrated IDE for managing the full lifecycle of your apps

Instant Developer contains all the tools not only for developing the front-end and back-end, but also for integrating them efficiently.

In fact, you can do it with Datamaps, i.e. controllers which, connected to a data source, create and keep synchronized the structures of visual elements necessary to show them.

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Simulate and test your applications directly in the IDE

You can test your Cloud applications and your mobile applications directly while developing the code, using integrated tools and simulators.

After having tested your apps, you can compile them and publish them to the Apple App Store and Google Play. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it yourself: the Build Server in Instant Developer will take care of it. All you need is a browser, and your apps are on the stores. And with “Live Update”, you update them without republishing them.

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No more breaking changes: solid, flexible code

Every line of code you write in the IDE becomes part of a system of relationships with the other lines and with the objects in your application.

This way the IDE gives you all the information and suggestions you need to understand what will happen to the rest of the system when you change a line of code or an object, and can intervene by making consistent changes to all related parts of the application.

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Design. Develop. Publish. Manage.

All the tools for managing the full flow of your applications.

UI / UX Design


Data Model & ORM

Automated Load Testing

Mobile Store Publishing

API Connectors

Analytics and Feedback


Issue Tracking

Automatic Updates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we are asked frequently about the cloud IDE

  • Instant Developer helps you develop omnichannel projects because it’s designed precisely for this. Thanks to Instant Developer’s portable frameworks, you develop a single application and can reuse 100% of the code. This way, you can decide to have, even within the same project, all of the following:

    • The back-end in the cloud that manages Web APIs and remote application services, such as off-line synchronization.
    • The front-end application in web app mode.
    • Apple and Android applications with a UI that adapts to the device, ready to be sent to app stores thanks in part to the integrated mobile containers (Launchers).
    • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that work in desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Yes. In the Instant Developer IDE you’ll find and can visually manage all of the following:

    • Data models (Databases)
    • ORM entities
    • Architecture of the component libraries
    • Definition of classes and methods
    • Definition of applications, views, and front-ends.
  • Yes. Instant Developer allows you to focus on the logic of the application without needing to worry about building the same architecture every time for each new project. The base libraries also already include the components and services that programmers use most. And integrating others is very simple. This is one of the many reasons why Instant Developer reduces development times and costs.

  • With Instant Developer, you have in your hands omnichannel development without specific knowledge of the various types of applications. You can create any application you have in mind, regardless of type, intended audience, or distribution channel. This allows you to expand the possibilities for you and your customers, adding other channels to your projects, remaining consistently in step with the market, without needing specific skills.

  • Applications are developed in JavaScript language in the Cloud IDE. Some knowledge (even basic) of HTML and CSS will be needed for customizations.

  • Absolutely. Instant Developer converts and stores all your code in an object graph, connecting all the elements of the information system. That’s why it understands the code you’re writing, helping you create your applications more quickly in many exclusive ways. Here are just a few examples:

    • You can trace references of any object in the project at the level of the entire project, including non-code objects such as database fields or the boxes in a report.
    • It offers an automatic code completion system at the level of the entire project, including for dynamic type languages such as JavaScript. You don’t need to worry about defining the types, because Instant Developer identifies them automatically in most cases.
    • It can synchronize asynchronous operations independently. This way you can write the code without callbacks, promises, or other technical compromises that make it difficult to write and maintain algorithms in an asynchronous environment. “Callback hell” is finally over!
    • It can run an automatic completion of the changes resulting from your operations. If, for example, you change the name of a field in a database table, the entire project updates automatically.
  • Yes. With Instant Developer, you can manage collaborative development with a complete teamworking system that works similarly to GitHub. You and your team can work on parallel and independent branches of the same project and then merge all your work into the master branch for the project. Forks, commits, merges, fetches, pull requests, etc.: these are all operations that people using Instant Developer can manage in a fully integrated system that’s adapted to the specific structure of Instant Developer projects.

  • Instant Developer contains a complete graphic framework for omnichannel applications. It’s responsive and adapts to the characteristics of the device. Ionic and Bootstrap are already integrated, and contain the most common patterns for creating a native UX, web or mobile. To ensure full compatibility with our system and to protect you against breaking changes, we have forked the Ionic framework, completing it and customizing it in order to generate a UX for desktop as well.

    In the framework you’ll find the most common graphic components, such as maps, graphs, calendars, slideshows, and much more, all ready to use. You can also customize them by importing the graphic components you need and editing the CSSs directly from the IDE.

    With the IDE you can also directly create visual components, which you can then reuse directly in the IDE itself.

  • Instant Developer contains all the tools, not just for developing your front-end and back-end, but also for integrating them efficiently. In fact, you can do it using Datamaps, which are controllers that, connected to a data source, create the structures of the visual elements needed to display them and keep them synched. This is made possible by Instant Developer’s remote virtual DOM, which allows you to use dynamic abstract visual objects (widgets) in place of the basic browser objects (static objects) so that the front-end will be updated automatically based on changes to the application status with no need for any intervention by the programmer.

  • Instant Developer offers you the option for maximum flexibility, because you can implement the application logic you want by writing your own code, either starting from scratch or by customizing the widgets and objects already present in the IDE, and which you can integrate into your applications using drag&drop.

  • Yes. You can also integrate them into your project using drag&drop, and when you need to, you can customize how they work by writing your application logic in the code script editor. You can also create new objects and components or integrate them from other sources, including open-source, and then reuse them in other projects. The widgets allow you to create your front-end rather than using the basic browser objects. This means you have a complete functionality, ready to use, implemented in your application.

  • Instant Developer uses the Cordova open source framework for developing mobile applications. Cordova has hundreds of plugins that make it possible to access the device hardware via JavaScript. Instant Developer already integrates more than 60 Cordova plugins, which cover most of the common application requirements in terms of the world of mobile. But thanks to the open source nature of the Cordova environment, when you need to implement a functionality for which no ready-to-use plugin is already available in Instant Developer, you can search for one on the internet and integrate it into your project so that you can use it in the apps in that project.

    Our development team keeps all the plugins you’ll find already integrated into Instant Developer aligned and up to date. To use the most recent version, simply recompile your application. For many plugins, a PWA version exists that’s compatible at the code level. The plugins can also be used for either local or remote applications.

  • Here are a few examples of the most commonly used native plug-ins already available for use:

    • local and push notifications
    • QR code and barcode
    • geolocation, even in the background
    • Facebook login / Apple login
    • camera and microphone management
    • touch id / face id
    • NFC and Bluetooth
    • device identification
    • preferences
    • social sharing
    • text to speech / speech recognition
    • and many more…

    Our development team keeps all the plugins you’ll find already integrated into Instant Developer aligned and up to date. To use the most recent version, simply recompile your application. If there isn’t a plugin already available for use in Instant Developer for a functionality of your app, you can look for one on the web and integrate it into your project.

  • Only with Instant Developer can you create a project that contains and manages everything you need: databases, entities, components, and all the apps that comprise them – mobile, web, back-office, back-ends with Web API. You’ll use a single tool to manage the full lifecycle of your software, without wasting time resolving incompatibilities among disparate tools and frameworks.

  • Yes. With the IDE, you can immediately test how your apps work, both on the browser and directly on mobile devices.

  • Instant Developer is adapted by design to develop software solutions up to the Enterprise level. From the simplest project to the most complex: you can scale by volume and complexity without needing to change tools or the way you work.

    In fact, every line of code you write in the IDE becomes part of a system of relationships with the other lines and with the objects in your application. This way the IDE gives you all the information and suggestions you need to understand what will happen to the rest of the system when you change a line of code or an object, and can intervene by making consistent changes to all related parts of the application.

  • With Instant Developer, you always have available — automatically — the most up-to-date technologies so you can effortlessly adapt your applications to a world that is constantly evolving. Our development team works for you. We’re the ones who test pre-release versions of new browsers and operating systems so that when they are released, Instant Developer is ready to let you update your applications by simply recompiling them. When applications are hosted in our clouds, we handle updating the operating systems, the application servers, and the database servers in order to apply security patches so that you can have a system that’s always updated to supported versions.

  • With Instant Developer you have a stable system, free of breaking changes. This way, updates to libraries, packages, application servers, database servers, etc., will not produce knock-on effects that are incredibly damaging to your software and your users.

    In modern programming, we use hundreds of frameworks, packages, and libraries that are assembled to achieve the final result. The problem is that over time these libraries evolve to adapt themselves to the operating systems or browsers, and no one protects you from the breaking changes that are introduced by these updates. Consequently, applications stop working. But we can help you by offering a stable environment free of breaking changes. And it’s our responsibility to adapt Instant Developer to the context in which it is evolving. We even guarantee that any undesired behavioral change that you discover will be fixed.

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