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With Instant Developer the process of developing cloud business management software becomes quick and easy. Now you can create your company’s business management software, your perfect CRM, your ERP, or your Industry 4.0 system integrated with your company infrastructure. With dozens of widgets designed for business and connectors for every platform on the market, developing your business management software has never been so simple.

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Automatic generation of data grids

Optimal management of enormous datasets

Interactive charts for business intelligence

Data connector for integrating ERPs and CRMs

Elements and widgets designed for the world of business

Create your Perfect Omnichannel Business Management Software

Instant Developer was created precisely to develop and distribute applications for digital transformation in the business world. In Instant Developer you’ll find all the tools focused on data management, exactly what you need to develop cloud-native business management software, with algorithms designed specifically for managing relationships among data. And you can create your omnichannel business management software in a modern user interface, on the level of the best UIs achievable with the tools currently available.

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Widgets designed for Business Applications

Instant Developer offers a group of widgets (the IdfWidgets) made for the specific purpose of accelerating front-end development dedicated to data management. This means it’s now incredibly easy to automatically generate in-list grids and detail views, displaying and editing datasets, even on the order of millions of records in real-time in your browser. You can also insert custom visual elements in grid and detail cells to include your controls and graphic customizations in your grid.

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Easily Integrate Charts for Business Intelligence

Instant Developer natively integrates the JavaScript open-source Chart.js library that allows you to create interactive and customizable charts for web applications, mobile apps, and multichannel applications. Now you can easily integrate various types of responsive and animated charts, such as line, bar, and pie charts and scatter plots. What’s more, Chart.js offers a wide range of options for customization, allowing you to edit colors, labels, and axes. The library is extendable via plugins, allowing you to add customized functionalities.

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Connect and Keep Your Data Secure

With Instant Developer you can integrate data coming from any business application and from any company database, whether relational or not, into your applications. It doesn’t matter if your company uses SAP, AS400, SQL SERVER, MS ACCESS, MYSQL, ORACLE or any other solution: thanks to the connectors you can manage, retrieve, read, and integrate all the data you want. And with the Cloud Connector you have safe, high-performance access to data in the cloud, even for databases that must remain on-premise.

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Never Lose Your Data, With The Offline Sync Connector

The Instant Developer data synchronization framework allows for structured management of the interaction between the back-end and devices and of the complete lifecycle of the connection. Because of this, you can easily develop apps that can also work without connectivity.

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Push Notifications and Integrated IoT Messaging

With Instant Developer you can create applications that communicate with your entire company network, both in data synchronization and through standard messaging systems. Messaging, IoT notifications, alerts via email or other integrations are just a few examples of the problems with these systems that the Instant Developer synchronization framework was designed to solve. Instant Developer allows you to manage all the complexities of the digital transformation system architecture, where the various components must communicate with each other, often in real time.

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Infinite Integrations

Integrate your apps with all the services and components of external ecosystems and with the APIs of all cloud applications and web services. From your company portal to SAP or Salesforce: a universe of possibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions we are asked frequently about developing business management software

  • Certainly. In fact, the more your project grows in complexity, the greater are its advantages compared with other development tools and platforms in terms of scalability and manageability. It’s precisely when the system is complex (thousands of database tables, thousands of classes and views, millions of lines of code) that you can best capitalize on the fact that Instant Developer knows down to the tiniest detail the structure and relationships of your software code. In fact, Instant Developer is not a simple text file editor like traditional IDEs. Instead, it converts and saves the code you enter into an object graph, a structure that allows it to rely on this knowledge at every level of the project. All the elements of the entire information system that you’re developing are kept interconnected, from the structure of the database to that of the classes, and the back-end code to the various web or mobile front-ends. Consider the advantage of being able to edit any part of your application code and being able to find out in real time which parts of your project will be affected by this change. Instant Developer will even make most of the resulting changes for you automatically. You’ll always have control over your project, even when it becomes very complex or if the developers who created it may no longer be available.

  • You can interface with any type of database, whether relational or non. You can create your database directly in the Instant Developer IDE, or connect to any existing database and manage it.

  • Yes. In the Instant Developer IDE you can design and create your databases from scratch.

  • The base libraries already include the components and services that programmers use most. Integrating others is easy, because you simply import them as packages.

  • Whether you’re developing a mobile app or a web app, you can turn to the web to get third-party components that meet your needs, including open-source ones, and integrate them into your app. For example, you can integrate Cordova plug-ins, Node.js packages, and JavaScript libraries, but the possibilities are endless, and you’ll always have the option to do so when you want to implement any type of functionality that modern cloud applications require and customize the server-side or client-side behavior for your app.

  • Yes. Instant Developer allows you to use third-party APIs and change them as needed or to develop APIs from scratch so you have maximum integration flexibility.

  • The ORM (Object Relational Mapping) model in Instant Developer is a powerful object-oriented data manipulation system that enables you to free yourself from the complexities of managing queries, since you don’t use them directly on the database. It also frees you from the need to adapt your code in order to interface with the various types of DBMS usable in the projects. Here is a short list of the advantages:

    • Design of the data model directly from the development environment.
    • Automatic management of translating queries among the various database languages.
    • Security, prevention of SQL Injection.
    • Automatic deploy both in the cloud (PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, AS400) and in offline devices (SQLite).
    • Integration of databases, file systems, and on-premise services with the cloud.
    • Optimization of query performance.
    • Instant Developer’s ORM framework is isomorphic, making it suitable for all usage contexts (web, mobile, PWA), not just in the back-end. The code always produces the same results, so it doesn’t need to be rewritten for different contexts.
  • With the Instant Developer load tests you can get a realistic estimate of how much the load of an app weighs on the server. Load can depend on many factors: from the number of users connected at the same time through to the level of complexity and how the code was written. That makes running this check before going into production crucial. With the load test you can record sample sessions, define the results to be tested, and organize them into specific test suites. The testing system then reruns the sample sessions automatically, recording all changes (even at the level of execution times). You can test all the dimensions you want, to optimize your application as a result.

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