Enable digital transformation

Digital transformation represents an extraordinary opportunity for the evolution of humanity in the immediate future. However, access to the technologies needed for innovation can be very complex.

For this reason Instant Developer dedicates itself daily to the design, development and implementation of innovative IT solutions with the aim of enabling companies and people to transform digital.

To achieve its mission, Instant Developer is on the market as a competent and highly advanced company:

It creates systems that can speed up and simplify the development of state-of-the-art software

It accompanies its customers in a training and constant support to make the best use of these systems and get the success of their initiatives

Not suppliers, but partners: our evolution is at the service of our customers. Their growth is the stimulus and the guide for the development of our projects

About us

Instant Developer is a family of high-productivity platforms for developing cross-platform applications designed to solve the problems that afflict software development professionals the most. Andrea Maioli, CEO and co-founder, tells the birth of Instant Developer

In the late 1980s, before I started working as a developer and then in charge of IT project management, I saw in the traditional way of writing code of strong limitations to my creativity. And the time it took to get the results I wanted was always longer than I could consider acceptable.

In the 1990s the speed of IT evolution has increased exponentially. Everything possible had to be done not to fall behind and often this meant reaching compromises on quality. If a programming language did not completely satisfy a particular need, often another was created. Alternatively, the functionalities of the existing languages and platforms were extended, with the consequence that these became less and less understandable and manageable.

It was in the 1990s that my passion for IT became a profession and I had to face these problems myself. As a developer I realized that my know-how was never enough and that therefore I had to keep myself updated; this became increasingly difficult because my productivity was affected. I had further confirmation of the negative impact of this IT trend on all the actors involved when I became responsible for project management; checking the code and meeting deadlines and budgets became increasingly complicated

To find a solution to these problems, in 1999 we created the first prototype of the development platform that would become Instant Developer. From that moment we continue to grow every day along with technological advances, because our products are designed precisely to allow those who use them to manage the most complex aspects of IT evolution and use them to their advantage.

The problems that plague software development professionals have been present for years, but with the expansion of technology and the acceleration of evolution they have an increasing impact.

Instant Developer is born to face these problems: this is why we consider the success of those who rely on us for our success.