Enabling digital transformation

Digital transformation is an extraordinary opportunity in the evolution of humanity in the immediate future. But access to the technologies needed for innovation can be very complicated.

That's why at Instant Developer we are dedicated every day to designing, developing, and creating innovative IT solutions, with the goal of making digital transformation possible for businesses and for people.

To realize our mission, at Instant Developer our goal is to offer the market a skilled company that is fiercely cutting edge:

We make systems that can accelerate and simplify the development of state-of-the-art software

We stand by our customers with a course of training and consistent support in how to make the most of these systems and achieve success in their initiatives

Not vendors, but partners: our revolution is at the service of our customers. Their growth is the stimulus and guidance for developing our projects

About us

Instant Developer is a family of high-productivity platforms for developing multichannel and multiplatform applications designed to solve the problems that most commonly plague software development professionals. Andrea Maioli, CEO and co-founder, describes the creation of Instant Developer this way

Near the end of the '80s, before going to work as a developer and then as an IT project manager, I saw the traditional way of writing code as having some significant limitations on my creativity. And the time it took to get to the results I wanted was always longer than what I could consider acceptable.

In the '90s, the speed at which IT was evolving increased exponentially. You had to do everything you could to avoid getting left behind, and that often meant compromising on quality. If a programming language didn't fully satisfy a particular need, often another one was created. Or, the functionalities of the existing languages and platforms were expanded, and the results of this were that they became increasingly difficult to understand and manage.

It was in the '90s that my passion for IT became a profession, and I had to tackle these problems myself. As a developer, I realized that my own expertise was never enough, and that meant I needed to stay up-to-date all the time; this became increasingly difficult, because my productivity suffered. I found further evidence of the negative impact of this trend on IT and everyone involved when I became the head of project management; checking the code and meeting both budgets and deadlines became increasingly complicated

In order to find a solution to these problems, in 1999 we created the first prototype of the development platform that would later become Instant Developer. From that point forward, we have continued to grow every day in step with technological progress, because our products are designed specifically to allow users to manage the most complex aspects of IT evolution and turn them to their advantage.

The problems that afflict software development professionals have been around for years, but as technology expands and evolution accelerates, their effects continue to grow.

Instant Developer was created to tackle these problems: that's why we consider the success of people who put their trust in us a success of our own.