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Instant Developer Foundation 23.0: One graphics engine for two

| 30 October 2023 | Luca Baldini
Instant Developer Foundation 23.0

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here.

Instant Developer Foundation 23.0 represents a huge leap forward in the evolution of our development platforms. The key element that makes this version so special is the use of the same graphics engine (Fluid) that’s in Instant Developer Cloud

This update opens the door to a string of advantages that will undoubtedly improve your experience with Instant Developer. 

We’ll have a look at everything you need to know about Instant Developer Foundation 23.0 and the new integration of Fluid. 

A platform that’s always aligned

In this new release of Foundation, you’ll find more than fifteen improvements and 40 fixes

In addition to alignments with the most recent version of drivers for databases, browsers, etc., which as always will shield you from breaking changes, you’ll find Foundation ready out of the box to compile your apps for iOS 17 and iPhone 15.
And it’s not just operating systems that change: you also have to take into account many new form factors. It’s always complicated and expensive to test your apps on that device or that simulator. Often, you can’t even take for granted that adapting the code will be simple. 

Fortunately, that’s not your problem: all you need to do is update Foundation to the new release, and recompile. 

Fluid x 2

Still, the strong point of this version remains the use of the same Fluid graphic engine that’s in Instant Developer Cloud. 

This component is already fully shared between the two platforms, and for Foundation therefore it also has the characteristics described in the Blog post for version 23.0 of Cloud.
After the initial release of Fluid with release 22.5 of Foundation, we started working on the version for Cloud immediately.
To do so, we brought the full Fluid engine for Foundation to Cloud and completed it. And now Foundation benefits from the significant work we did implementing, testing, and fine tuning for Cloud. 

From now on, the graphic engines will always be aligned and synched. The updates and improvements made to one of the two products will be inherited by the other, with instant advantages.
Having a single user interface package for the two platforms means that updates will be continuous, regardless of which platform we update. 

But Instant Developer Foundation 23.0 is much more than Fluid.
Want to know more?
Read the complete release notes to learn about the updates and improvements that await you in the new version’s environment.

Luca Baldini
Product Manager
I'm in charge of developing Instant Developer products. I'm intrigued by everything that goes on, and I'm interested in science, IT, music, and biology.

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