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Instant Developer Foundation 24.0: Consolidate to evolve

| 27 May 2024 | Luca Baldini
Instant Developer Foundation 24.0

The new release of Instant Developer Foundation 24.0 brings with it a considerable number (around 150) of improvements and fixes designed to consolidate your development experience, laying the foundations for future developments

By focusing on stability and performance, we’ve listened to your needs and responded with targeted updates. 

The evolution of the Fluid graphics engine continues. By now it is mature enough to be ready for production.

Let’s take a look together at what’s new in this version, and how collaboration from the Instant Developer Community and our team can lead to surprising results.

Consistent dedication to quality.

In the last six years, we’ve achieved an average of 89% implementation of necessary and/or reported fixes for the product. And in 2024, that number has climbed to 92%.

This demonstrates our commitment to releasing an increasingly stable and reliable product. This level of efficiency, which is difficult to match in the world of software development, is the result not only of a close collaboration with our Community, but also of the helpfulness of a highly responsive and proactive support team

But what does proactive mean in concrete terms?
It means that when, while delivering support, our technicians identify a problem or even a possible fix that may also affect other customers, they flag it directly to our development department. This is an advantage for both the Community and for the product.
This way, for these cases that would otherwise remain isolated, our techs instead launch resolution processes that benefit our entire ecosystem.

The consolidation of Fluid

The hallmark of the last year and a half of work on the new Instant Developer graphics engine (the period before its first release) was our consistent improvement work. Once again, it was all possible thanks to the helpfulness of the Community in flagging issues and the active collaboration between our support and production departments.

Many developers who use Instant Developer Foundation test their projects in Fluid and alert us to any differences they see, and our team promptly fixes them. This alignment process allows us to continuously improve compatibility with RD3. 

In fact, the issues are so specific to the individual product that we can only detect and correct them if they are tested with Fluid and reported to us.

What we ask of our Community is their collaboration with us on this journey. That is, to move to Fluid now, because this is the only way our team will be able to successfully solve 100% of any incompatibility issues.

Push notifications for mobile apps will continue to work…

…and that was far from guaranteed. As with Instant Developer Cloud, for Foundation as well the developers who use push notifications for mobile apps would have been faced with a significant problem as of June 20th: simply put, notifications would have stopped working. 

This would have happened simply because Firebase unilaterally decided to change models and APIs, rendering the previous ones obsolete.
With Foundation 24.0, you won’t need to remember anything except to recompile your apps and forget about this impactful breaking change.

What do you think of Instant Developer Foundation 24.0?

Share your thoughts in the comments and help us improve even more. If you haven’t updated yet, do it today, and experience all the improvements, which you’ll find in the release notes.

Luca Baldini
Product Manager
I'm in charge of developing Instant Developer products. I'm intrigued by everything that goes on, and I'm interested in science, IT, music, and biology.

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