Instant Developer Cloud 24.0: Develop with style, protect your work

Here’s the 24.0 release of Instant Developer Cloud: an updated UI, a more robust graphics engine, protection against breaking changes, and updated system components. A step forward in terms of user experience, stability, and security.

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11 March 2024 Luca Baldini

Instant Developer Foundation 23.0: One graphics engine for two

In the new release of Foundation, the Fluid graphics engine is the same one used in Instant Developer Cloud. From here on out, the versions of Fluid will always be aligned and synched, with instant advantages.

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30 October 2023 Luca Baldini

Instant Developer Cloud 23.0: the perfect tool for developing cloud back office software

Something big has arrived with Instant Developer Cloud 23.0: as of today, the process of developing omnichannel cloud back office software is fast and easy. Discover the five biggest advantages.

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2 October 2023 Antonio Marino

Instant Developer Foundation 22.5 and Fluid: the future starts here

Instant Developer Foundation 22.5 paves the way for the future of Instant Developer. The Fluid graphics engine is the first join point between Foundation and Cloud.

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8 November 2022 Luca Baldini