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Instant Developer Foundation 22.0 – Modernize software with a click

| 2 May 2022 | Luca Baldini
Instant Developer Foundation 22.0

Release 22.0 of Instant Developer Foundation is the synthesis of a development project with a specific goal: to allow developers to modernize their software in a simple way.

Starting today, you can run your applications with Microsoft .NET 6 (Net Core) and with Java Development Kit 17 (LTS) by simply recompiling them.

Among the many other new arrivals in this version, you’ll find options to enable Live Update for mobile apps, to serialize sessions in C# and to integrate a new Pivot Table component into your software

Innovation is necessary, and allowing developers to innovate free of the problems created by breaking changes, which have always accompanied software modernization, is one of the goals we aim for in every release.

Let’s see how we’ve achieved this in Instant Developer Foundation 22.0 as well.

Microsoft .NET 6

With Instant Developer Foundation 22.0, you can compile applications with the new Microsoft .NET 6 (.NET Core) engine.

This new engine can be run on all devices, not only on Windows machines.

This means you can develop web applications to be installed on mobile, desktop, IoT, and cloud devices.

And this is the primary advantage of .NET 6 compared with many other previous .NETs. Thanks to the rebuild of many parts of the underlying engine, the framework now essentially runs everywhere: from smartphones to washing machines.

But for those who don’t use Instant Developer Foundation 22.0, moving from an application based on a previous version of .NET to the version 6 framework would be very complex. In fact, the entry point of the applications has been completely rewritten: the names of the classes have been changed, various APIs have been entirely rewritten, and the methods themselves for creating apps have been changed. These are just a few of the most significant differences.

So our job included rewriting a large portion of code from scratch to enable developers to recompile their software in .NET 6 with one click.

Java Development Kit 17 (LTS)

The new JDK 17 (LTS) package represents the present and future of programming in Java. Indeed, Oracle itself considers Java 17 to be the current standard. Therefore, modernizing software for people who use Java means updating systems to this version.

And that is why we have recompiled and updated the application framework library that Instant Developer Foundation uses to compile apps in Java. Now your applications developed with Foundation 22.0 can in fact use version 17 of the Java Development Kit.

Like .NET 6, JDK 17 brings big changes to the world of software development. However, the introduction of these changes has led to global breaking changes, which are very complicated to manage.

The advantage for people who use Instant Developer Foundation is, simply put, that they don’t have to manage these changes, because we take care of it.

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Live Update for mobile apps

With Foundation 22.0 you can activate Live Update for applications installed inside the native shell.

This way, you can update apps without running them back through the store update procedures.

It’s all very quick and easy: simply republish your app on your server. In the case of small changes, fixes, or frequent updates, you save a ton of time, and your users will be more satisfied because they can use the most recent version of apps right away.

When Live Update mode is enabled, the native shell automatically checks for updates. If there are any, it downloads them and installs them the next time the application is launched.

Serialization of sessions in C#

With the release 22.0, you can activate serialization of sessions in C#, as you already could in Java. This way, you develop and install web applications in C# on the server where the sessions are serialized to database and/or moved to different nodes to optimize load.

Another advantage for distributing your cloud applications.

Pivot Table Component

In Instant Developer Foundation 22.0, like in Instant Developer Cloud 22.1, a Pivot Table component has been made available. It’s a visual element that allows you to design interactive pivot tables in various formats, both tabular and graphic.

An example that includes the component as well as the full reference documentation are both available. The example is also helpful for understanding how to integrate third-party components into an Instant Developer Foundation project.

You can integrate the component included in the example project into your projects as well, completely free of charge.

Updates, improvements, fixes

Along with the biggest new updates come more than 100 new functionalities, improvements, and fixes, most of which were suggested by developers who work with Instant Developer Foundation. You’ll find everything in the release notes.

Have you been waiting for the right moment to modernize your software?

Update Foundation to version 22.0!

Luca Baldini
Product Manager
I'm in charge of developing Instant Developer products. I'm intrigued by everything that goes on, and I'm interested in science, IT, music, and biology.

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