People who write software know that managing documentation is a very difficult task: it requires considerable company effort, an excellent understanding of the tool being described, and a lot of resources to be maintained over time.

This list of reasons is why documentation is often an aspect that tends to get neglected more and more as the product ages.

But people who write software also know that documentation is crucial, because without a searchable knowledge base available, you can't independently read up on the functionalities of the tool you're using.

That's why the Instant Developer Foundation documentation center was recently updated, both in its graphics and its behavior, and a very important section has been added: web application tutorials.

It's a new section on documentation, offering approximately 150 free video courses on programming that explain how to develop a web application with Instant Developer Foundation.

A new type of video course, which you can view easily in a browser with or without audio (thanks to the subtitles) and replicates the structure of the courses that our tutors traditionally offered in person.

It's another step forward toward new documentation that's increasingly complete and increasingly easy to use and find. These video courses on developing web applications were recorded in Italian, but thanks to the automatically translated subtitles, the text of the transcript is available in both Italian and English.

I know that many of you have been waiting for news like this, so I didn't want to waste another second before sharing it.

Enjoy your studies!