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Instant Developer Foundation is the development platform for creating business applications that keep pace with the latest trends and current best practices, boosting efficiency and productivity to maximum levels. Every day, hundreds of software houses, IT departments, and developers choose Instant Developer Foundation, the tool that for more than twenty years has always been a step ahead of evolutions in technology, to allow you to be first to market and seize every opportunity, both today and tomorrow.

Without any need to master a variety of development environments or learn new languages, it capitalizes on your existing expertise: with a single development model and just one code base, you can create even the most complex business applications. Optimize your time. Avoid needlessly duplicating your work: you’ll become more productive immediately and experience a working speed like never before.

1. Create a new Instant Developer Foundation project. 2. Import or define the database structure. 3. Derive the ORM classes from the database tables. 4. Derive the forms from the ORM classes and modify them as needed. 5. Compile the application and send it to run in localhost. 6. Test the operation of forms in the browser. 7. Test the operation of filters in the browser. 8. Install the application on the production server.

Characteristics and features

A single environment

Traditional development systems tend to focus just on a small part of the full life cycle of the software: writing the code.  But problems arise when the creation or management of applications or information systems is required to go further, as often happens. This translates into multiple applications that are inadequately integrated with each other, forcing reliance on expensive resources and training for every new integration. Instant Developer Foundation solves this problem by offering a single development environment for the entire development cycle. The same development team, to get to market first: with no need to master how various development environments operate, you and your team will immediately be more productive. You'll have at your disposal all the tools you need to manage the entire life cycle of the software: from analyzing the project, to detailed debugging, through to managing publication and versioning.


Integrating systems and databases in business applications is easy with Instant Developer Foundation, while still retaining the advantages of an independent environment: integration adapters can be generated on the fly for any kind of web service (even REST with OData), API, or class library; connect easily with systems like SAP, Salesforce, or your company portal; reuse existing code and libraries, importing them automatically; automatically create a data model using reverse engineering for any type and size of database; forget costly conversions to new database systems, and integrate your solutions at the application level with the APIs of external systems, in complete simplicity. Updating existing system often entails significant investment, but thanks to Instant Developer Foundation, you can save by making the most of the work you've already done.

Application Governance

Maintain control over the application throughout the entire life cycle of the project. During development, thanks to the security "sandbox" and the functionalities that ensure compliance with software engineering best practices; during maintenance, thanks to the integrated version management system that makes it possible to document and check changes incredibly simply, and even at runtime, thanks to the automatic distribution tools in the software and the analytics for monitoring application performance. With Instant Developer Foundation, control is guaranteed.

Configuration at runtime

Customizing applications to meet all the different needs of your customers usually means managing separate projects. But as the number of projects grows, the risk of losing control can grow as well. The Run Time Configuration (RTC) module is just what you need to solve the problem, because it makes it possible to change and customize applications without changing their code, edit the graphics, redesign the forms, intervene in user profiles, and make applications multilingual. All at runtime, directly from the management page.

Templates and customizations

Instant Developer Foundation provides templates and themes for applications with a structure that's already ready, and which include the most common business rules in addition to the UI controls. These templates satisfy the most widespread and frequent demands of business application developers, which we gather constantly and implement in our platform. Our UX experts design them, and they are always in step with the market, both for web and for mobile, like those based on Bootstrap and Ionic. You can also customize them for your own needs, responding efficiently to your customers' requests.

Application monitoring

Collect data from your applications at a level of detail that drills down even to individual lines of code. Use all this data for prototyping, testing, and improving your applications: you can base your strategies for developing applications on reliable data, collected in the field, and make informed decisions on the usability of applications with the freedom to adapt and change them easily. Demonstrate for your customers how effective your applications are, making their value even more evident.

Business mobile

Even for the most complete business software, your customers may request implementations on mobile devices. To respond more quickly, effectively, and affordably to their requirements, Instant Developer Foundation lets you rapidly build a mobile architecture integrated with your web system. Instant Developer Foundation is mobile as it should be for those who develop business systems: a high-performance hybrid approach. Develop multi-device apps publishable to the app stores that also work offline, and not just web applications that seem like mobile; automatically synchronize your mobile devices with any kind of back-end; create hybrid apps that access the native functionalities of devices; responsive design to adapt your apps to any form factor; create packages for iOS and Android with one click.

Rapid prototyping

Sometimes the difference between you and your competition is all about who gets there first. Do your potential customers or internal department want to see right away what you have promised to deliver, but you're unable to do that with your current tools and processes? With Instant Developer Foundation, you can create prototypes and test your applications in two very simple ways: in the simulator on the development machine, with any form factor, so you can show your customers a prototype right on their device. Alternatively, you can use the app container on any device with the supported operating systems: the apps will work as if they had been installed from the app store. By testing your applications at various levels, you can quickly create prototypes to present to the internal and external customers: an unbeatable competitive advantage!

Security by design

Develop in a protected and reliable environment, to manage projects with the utmost security. The software is protected against all types of illegal practices, and the system controls and protects the database connections. Rigorous tests are conducted on SQL injection attacks and in high risk contexts, including online banking. Controlled multithreading.

No more lock-in

You hold the keys to your software: even if you work in a completely managed environment, you can decide at any time, without any additional fee, to take back your source code and maintain it using other tools. With Instant Developer Foundation, your software is yours, and always will be!

Managed deployment

Instant Developer Foundation includes advanced deployment features, so that every time you deploy your software, everything works at its best, even when your team is made up of many developers working simultaneously. A system of dependency control that allows automatic refactoring with each change, functional testing, managed compiling and deployment, and a teamwork system designed to ensure maximum efficiency even in the case of frequent branches: these are just some of the features that simplify the entire deployment process.

Synchronization made simple

Online and offline, what's the difference? For us there isn't any, and there isn't for you either! Synchronize devices with the back-end by writing a single line of code; you can simply decide that you want your application to work in both online and offline modes, and use the integrated synchronization framework. It is really that simple to offer your customers applications that can work even with no connectivity, so they can use them to the fullest under any conditions. Enormously helpful for them, an extra competitive advantage for you!


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Programming high-performing applications that are state-of-the-art is an incredible challenge: focus just on innovative development of solutions in step with the evolution of technology, leaving our platform to take care of the most repetitive parts that drain precious time from your development team.

Instant Developer Foundation is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that lets you describe entire software systems in a single relationship structure: databases, applications, web services, components, and libraries (including importable). Experience extraordinary development speed: studies on our customers tell us that work is accelerated up to 15 times. With Instant Developer Foundation, you can write code that is fully compatible with the standards and use the integrated contextual IntelliSense system to reduce errors to a minimum. Thanks to relational programming, upon each change Instant Developer Foundation performs automatic refactoring in real time. And what about updates to operating systems? Simply recompile with the most up-to-date version of Instant Developer: we'll take care of the rest.

Start developing with Instant Developer Foundation and explore all the advantages of a faster way of working that is optimized and efficient, and that can simply generate modern, responsive, state-of-the-art applications that are consistently in step with the evolution in IT.

Instant Developer Foundation: for more than twenty years, the development platform that's always ready to meet the needs of your business.

Case studies

For us at Instant Developer, our customers' successes are our successes too, because they are a confirmation that we have managed once again to honor our mission. Since 1999, Instant Developer Foundation has supported businesses and individuals in taking on the challenges of digital transformation, making the most of all its advantages. The numbers and achievements from the people who trust us become noticeable right from the early stages: that's why our customers are our very best testimonials.

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Instant Developer Foundation is a high-productivity platform for developing multiplatform business applications, including very complex applications, used every day by hundreds of software companies, freelance developers, company development teams, and all other kinds of programming professionals for developing any type of business web, and even mobile, application quickly and efficiently.
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