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The platform for developing and distributing multichannel applications in the cloud

Instant Developer Cloud is the development platform for creating and distributing web and mobile app solutions that are cross-platform and multichannel. For creating the front-end and back-end as well as for publication and management in the cloud and in the app stores, Instant Developer Cloud guarantees speed, control, and performance: prime efficiency with costs at shockingly reasonable levels.

Born in the cloud, for the cloud: simply log in to program in the native cloud IDE that is already preconfigured. Instant Developer Cloud lets you develop and distribute web solutions and mobile apps for iOS and Android, always ensuring a state-of-the-art User Experience in terms of graphics, performance, style, and behavior on both mobile and desktop.

Develop at the cutting edge with maximum competitiveness: with Instant Developer Cloud, you can take on all the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly challenging market, with no compromises.

1. Through the console, create a new Instant Developer Cloud project. 2. Open the project in the cloud IDE. 3. Import or define the database structure. 4. Derive the ORM entities from the data structure. 5. Create a view based on standard templates. 6. Add a controller to link the entities with the view. 7. Set the data binding. 8. Launch the application in testing directly from the IDE. 9. Install the application and the database on the production servers.

Characteristics and features

Designed for the Cloud

In the Cloud, designed for the Cloud: we configure the design-time environment for you. Simply sign in and you're ready to program in the cloud-native IDE. And for all projects that demand agility, continuous delivery, and frequent iterations, when you want your team to be free to focus on something more productive that setting up and managing an application environment, you know that you can count on our preconfigured options for deployment in the cloud.

Native UX, cross-platform development

Developing cross-platform with native User Experience: develop and deploy mobile apps for iOS and Android and web solutions, providing your customers the same User Experience as native applications, both on the web and on devices, in terms of graphics, performance, style, behavior, and offline functioning, without compromise. Offer much more without losing opportunities in a market that is becoming increasingly demanding.

The best of open source

All the best of open source: because all the libraries and the framework of Instant Developer Cloud are open source, but not only that...You can also make maximum use of the most useful open source software for your needs, integrating it easily and using it as if it were a native part of the development environment. Make your contribution to the Community and benefit from the contributions of other members. And with Instant Developer Cloud, gain an advantage that open source doesn't offer: the certainty of relying on a high-level professional support service.

New technologies without complications

The invisible revolution: with Instant Developer Cloud you get the benefits of new standards like Node.js, WebSocket, and WebRTC, without having to deal with the complexity. In fact, it only requires web programming ability to take control of these and many other cutting-edge technologies. For example, we developed non-blocking synchronous programming to allow you to use Node.js without worrying about addressing the difficulty of asynchronous programming, while also avoiding the notorious callback hell.

Real time by design

Real-time performance for the Internet of Things: push technologies are integrated transparently in every application you develop, which therefore becomes real-time by design, reaching never-before-seen levels of speed and responsiveness on the web, without having to do any additional work. When the software has to manage vast and continuous data flows, these features become simply indispensable.

Scalability without limits

Create robust and scalable solutions that are event-driven by design, and therefore able to support millions of concurrent transactions, connecting together any type and any number of devices and users.

Collaboration by the team and in the apps

The collaborative features you expect for your team, but that you have yet to find, with audio and video interactions fully integrated into the IDE. Everyone, including your customers, can participate in all phases of the project, thus improving agility, productivity, and efficiency. And you can also transparently integrate audio, video, and social interactions in your own applications, offering customers new opportunities with the maximum simplicity.

Based on web standards

Leverage your existing know-how: programming with Instant Developer Cloud is based on standard technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, along with many productivity-enhancing features. This means that developers can work in a familiar environment with the maximum efficiency from the start, making it easy and economical to find developers ready to join your team.

Your accounts always in the black

We know it's important to keep an eye on expenses. That's why we offer companies and professionals a license model for development and distribution that is completely scalable and can adapt to their needs as soon as they change. Do you need to add developers to your team just for a short period? Has a customer asked you to temporarily manage an increase in load? You'll always have all the tools you need to adapt your license configuration so you will earn consistently from your projects.

Automated load testing

You yourself, and not your users, are the first to know how your applications work: Instant Developer Cloud integrates a cutting-edge system of automated load testing to simulate the load on your application with varying transaction volumes. So you can be sure that you are always deploying your software on the most suitable hardware to ensure it performs at its best. And in addition to making your users happy with the high performance of your applications, you will never spend more than necessary for deployment infrastructure.

No more lock-in

You hold the keys to your software: even if you work in a completely managed environment, you always have your source code available, and if you want, you can decide to maintain it using other tools. All without any additional fee: with Instant Developer Cloud, your software is yours, and always will be!

Offline becomes simple

Online and offline, what's the difference? There isn't one, not for us or for you. You can simply decide that you want your app to work in both online and offline modes, and use the integrated synchronization framework. It is really that simple to offer your customers apps that can work even with no connectivity, so they can use them to the fullest under any conditions.

All databases

Connect to any back end and database: with Instant Developer Cloud, you can create your back end and your database, but if your applications need to interface with a system that is already available, simply integrate it using Web APIs. And if the server is in the cloud but you want your database to remain on-premise, the solution is Cloud Connector, the ad-hoc system included in Instant Developer Cloud that provides secure, high-performance access to data from the cloud, without needing to open your company network to the outside.

Continuous integration

Instant Developer Cloud includes continuous integration features, so that every time you deploy your software, everything works at its best, even when your team is made up of many developers working simultaneously. A system of dependency control that allows automatic refactoring with each change, functional testing, automated compiling and deployment, and a teamwork system designed to ensure maximum efficiency even in the case of frequent branches: these are just some of the features that simplify the entire deployment process.

Publication in one click

After you have tested your apps with a series of integrated tools, you can compile them and publish them to the Apple Store and Google Play. But don't worry, you don't have to do it yourself: the Build Server in Instant Developer Cloud will take care of it. All you need is a browser, and your apps are on the stores. And with “Live Update”, you update them without republishing them. There are many options for publishing to servers: preconfigured and fully managed Cloud servers that offer you the maximum security against outside attacks, the most modern architectures such as Docker, disaster recovery, and automated processes for backup and for many management and configuration options. Publish and update with a single click on your Web servers too, or install your applications on your on-premise servers. A configuration for every need.

Analytics and feedback

Collect any type of analytic data: you already know that there is no way to see exactly how your apps will work on each of the thousands of combinations of devices/operating systems before publishing them. This makes it essential to have a system for collection of highly granular and reliable analytic data. Instant Developer Cloud records detailed analytics for you on user actions and application responses, so you can use them to your advantage for prototyping, testing, and improvement of your applications. And if you want direct feedback from your users without going through the stores, you can implement a direct contact button, to get information in real time and respond promptly in your applications.


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All the advantages of the new standards without the complexity: see why you should choose Instant Developer Cloud

Instant Developer Cloud is a platform based on web standards: learning costs are slashed, developing right from the start using a familiar environment at peak productivity and working in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. All of this also with Node.js, WebSocket, Docker, and WebRTC: Instant Developer Cloud lets you capitalize on all of the advantages, eliminating the complexity. An example? Thanks to non-blocking synchronous programming, you can use Node.js without the callbacks of asynchronous programming!

With Instant Developer Cloud, push technologies are integrated transparently to allow you to develop real-time by design applications that are faster and more responsive than ever before. The development team can capitalize on automatic re-factoring in response to every change thanks to the dependency control, on automated load testing, and on automated distribution. Leave the publication process to us, and reach not only cloud servers, but also the Apple Store and Google Play with just one click!

With Instant Developer Cloud, your company and your development team can tap into the freedom and flexibility of a platform that lets you make the most of open source software, but with the solidity of an elite level professional support system. Optimize costs and timelines for development, maintenance, and distribution, creating robust and durable software that keeps pace with market expectations and innovations in Information Technology.

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It's the youngest member of the Instant Developer family, and has already helped many software companies, EDP departments, web agencies, startups, and freelance developers to capitalize on all the advantages of digital transformation and keep in step with the evolution of technology. Our greatest achievement?

The results achieved by our customers, who tell us every month about their extraordinary performance. That's why we decided to hear directly from them!

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