Instant Developer Cloud 22.5 is a version designed to improve the experience for developers and also provide an improved end-user experience.

This release delivers improvements focused precisely in this direction: optimizing debug, code generation, synchronization, and much more.

And as always, we're also updating the packages and drivers to resolve issues created by third-party providers, and reaffirming our promise that there will be no breaking changes.

Let's look over the highlights of the top implementations.

A faster code-generating experience

With code generation optimization, your apps will launch much more quickly. Launch time is approximately 40% shorter than in the previous version.

The live update system for apps running inside the IDE also offers an additional advantage. In Instant Developer Cloud 22.5, you no longer have to stop and relaunch the application to test your changes. Now you can test right after you've applied them. 

An optimized debug experience

In Instant Developer Cloud 22.5 you'll find a different debug module. All the changes are positive. It works better, offers an improved User Experience, and its reach is broader. In fact, now you can evaluate specifically what impact the application has on the databases: when the application is loading them too much, and during which operations this happens. In short, you now have at your disposal a profiler of application loads on the databases.

Among the UX optimizations, I'll point out the queries that always point to the line of code that generated them, the messages grouped in blocks by the function that generated them, and improvements in the display of the stack trace for exceptions (shows the number of queries run for each operation).

A more stable synchronization experience

The fixes made to the synchronization framework are especially appreciable because this framework is so crucially important. It is, however, a complex system, which developers using Instant Developer Cloud cannot easily touch. In certain sporadic cases, this can give the impression that the system is not entirely stable. To get around this, we've implemented some fixes that resolve these isolated cases. The result is the stabilization of applications for those who have tested these changes in Beta, and consequently for those who update Instant Developer Cloud to version 22.5.

A simpler experience on Android

Various changes to the Android operating system policies — again, outside our control — have been making life difficult for developers.

So we intervened on the launcher template to get around the fact that the changes to the safe-browsing service in Android were causing serious slowness issues when connecting to the synchronization server. This clearly degraded the user experience, but all you need to do is update to Instant Developer Cloud 22.5, and the problem is solved. 

So our work continues to optimize the many (and often highly impactful) changes that occur over time in mobile operating systems.

A programming experience shielded from breaking changes

As always, updates to packages and drivers continue when and where necessary.

The advantage of using Instant Developer is to have in your hands a tool that's always aligned, and that encapsulates and resolves the problems generated by third-party providers (Android, iOS, PostgreSQL, Node.JS, etc.).

And all of it with the promise of no breaking changes. It's a promise we've always kept, and that we will continue to keep.

And on that subject, we've made three changes to application behavior. In our judgment, these changes will not compromise how your software functions. However, you have all the information you need to quickly return to the previous behavior if you need to for any reason.

Curious to learn more? Update to Instant Developer Cloud 22.5 right away!