I know you're incredibly busy in these frantic days before vacation (however long or short they may be…). 

In an effort to make your job easier, our team has been working for you in recent months to wrap up version 21.5 of Instant Developer Cloud

This release of our omnichannel application distribution and development platform is brimming with updates. I know, every four months we write that we have lots of new features. I'm repeating myself, but as usual, I'm proud to describe them to you.

So here they are. 

Copy between projects

Speed isn't everything, but it's very important. And capitalizing as much as possible on the work you've already done is clearly one of the simplest ways to increase productivity. Beginning with version 21.5 of Instant Developer Cloud, you can copy objects among different projects

Simply select an object in the source project, press SHIFT-CTRL-C, open the target project, and press CTRL-V. 

The objects you selected will be copied along with all additional objects necessary. What will you gain from this? Essentially being able to reuse code and views in your projects without necessarily having to create and import components.

Instant Developer Cloud 21.5 application development platform

Super fast debug

Now you can update application code directly from the IDE without needing to stop and relaunch the preview. The advantage is clear: you can do your debug much more quickly, adding logs in the most interesting points and correcting the code, and skipping that final stop/relaunch step that often causes you to lose track.

Instant Developer Cloud 21.5 application development platform

Pages in the IDE, Node Packets, and Document Orientation

Before I let you get back to work, I'll say another few words about the improvements that have come from users of our application development platform.

We've improved management of pages in the IDE. Now the pages that contain Code Editor with changes are highlighted and moved to the beginning of the list of open pages. In addition, beyond being able to close all pages, now you can close just pages with no changes.

We've updated the versions of Node packets that the system uses. For example, the version of socket.io, the Postgres driver, Stripe, and moment. There are also updates affecting some of the graphic libraries used by applications, such as swiper and mermaid, and the component that the IDE HTML Editor uses. This way the system and applications developed with Instant Developer Cloud can use the most recent versions of the JavaScript libraries.

For Document Orientation (our object-oriented programming system), we have implemented various optimizations in how collections are managed. This greatly reduces how much memory is occupied by applications that create and load numerous documents.

Add to all this more than 150 improvements and fixes since the previous version.

Enjoy working with Instant Developer Cloud 21.5!