Maintenance costs constitute a significant portion of expenses for software developers: Instant Developer allows you to reduce them to a minimum, eliminating technical debt at the source, and allowing you to use time and resources in a more productive and efficient way than ever.

Once you make a change to your software, the completion work required on the rest of the code can be long and demanding: it takes time and resources to analyze and fully understand the process to be computerized, write the new code consistent with the state-of-the-art best practices, change the old code to integrate it with the new, create a suite of automatic tests, and write all the documentation for future changes. These are precious time and resources you can invest more productively with Instant Developer, focusing on the development of innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Our development platforms allow you to eliminate at the source the need to spend so much on maintenance. How? Thanks to relational programming.

Our products are built around something we call "relational programming", our variety of model-driven programming, thanks to which the entire software project is saved in a graph of relationships and dependencies rather than in a text file. No more strings of characters, but instead nodes in a network: simply edit any point and the rest of the system will adapt automatically. You only have to worry about making the changes you want: Instant Developer takes care of the automatic refactoring, completely eliminating technical debt.

Choose Instant Developer and reduce your software maintenance costs to a minimum: staying up to date has never been so convenient!