Instant Developer benefits

Ease of use, speed of development, efficiency, control: the benefits of Instant Developer

Instant Developer is the family of development platforms that brings everyone together in the company: the entrepreneur who will see an increase in company margins and market competitiveness; the project managers and technical managers who will be able to maintain control over the development and distribution times of the projects, relying on a team that is constantly prepared and updated; developers who can concentrate on the application logic, without worrying about the underlying technologies. This is the reality of Instant Developer: a line of development tools that use the logic of relational programming, a system for automating repetitive operations and automatic refactoring.

For entrepreneurs, all this translates into one word: efficiency. With the reduction of software design, development, implementation and maintenance times, it is possible to improve the efficiency of development processes and significantly increase the speed of prototyping. The development team will be able to transform the customer's idea into a working software that is 70% shorter than traditional development platforms, significantly reducing the time to market of each project.

Rapidity and efficiency have an immediate economic impact: with Instant Developer, development and maintenance costs are significantly reduced, with an increase in margins and competitiveness on the market. Our customers witness an average reduction of 85% in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


time to market reduction


total Cost of Ownership reduction (TCO)


development costs reduction

For technical managers, the skill shortage is a past problem: it will be much easier to develop innovative applications with the technical skills present in the company. Instant Developer allows the development of web and mobile applications to the state of the art by writing very few lines of code. Forget about delivery delays or the technical debt problem: Instant Developer allows extreme ease of working in groups, facilitating interoperability and at the same time ensuring independence from the individual developer and increasing the efficiency of the development process

Even for the developer Instant Developer is the ideal solution, because it allows us to dedicate time and energy to the development of applications without dwelling on software and hardware infrastructure technologies: focused exclusively on the development of innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Forget lines and lines of repeated code: rely on our products and concentrate only on the logical-architectural part! Work in an integrated, multi-channel, multi-platform and multi-database environment, extensible and highly flexible, and experience attention to the User Experience like never before. Thanks to a family of simple and intuitive development platforms, we guarantee you a learning curve that is faster than ever, to begin developing in full autonomy and effectiveness from the first days.

“The best value of Instant Developer? The possibility of being able to concentrate on the analysis and development of our web and mobile applications without having to worry about the hardware and software infrastructure technology.”
(Marco Cardoni, IT Manager, SMS Group S.r.l.)

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