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instant developer - the fastest and simplest development system for desktop and mobile rich internet applications

Create mobile applications with Mobile applications With you can create mobile applications without needing to know the native language of the device.
Create Rich Internet Applications with Rich Internet Applications With Instant Developer you can develop Rich Internet Applications in just a few minutes without needing to understand the technical details.
Widget Collection Widget collection Create the web interfaces you've always dreamed of. Attractive, fast, intuitive, and rich with functionality.
Relational Programming Relational Programming Discover how you can manage the complexity of software independent of technologies and languages.
One tool One tool The entire lifecycle of the software, finally with just one tool. Watch what you can do with, and you'll never want to be without it again.
How web applications created with work How it worksCurious about why applications created with are cross-browser, cross-database, secure, and independent of the technology used?

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