Learning directly from an expert is the most simple and effective way to get started. Our virtual classroom courses allow you to do this without leaving your desk. 

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Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, let us know and we’ll give you your money back. The money back guarantee on virtual classrooms is subject to the following conditions:

-Uninterrupted attendance on all the lessons in a course, staying connected from the beginning to the end of each lesson.

-The refund request is made to Pro Gamma via email to within 10 calendar days from the last lesson of the course and must state the reasons.

-For participants that receive a refund, but subsequently purchase a license at any time in the future, the refunded amount will be added to the license price.

Our tutor-led courses have always been the fastest and most effective way to start with Instant Developer. And we guarantee value for money.

Watch course recordings for free

The level of interaction possible during tutor-led live courses is invaluable for learning how to use Instant Developer but attending live courses might not always be possible. If you want to train at your own pace, or see a preview of our virtual classrooms before registering for a live one, watch the recordings for free:

>  Basics and web application development 

>  Mobile application development and synchronization 

>  Instant Developer Reporting Engine 

Basics and web application development

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Take this course to learn the basics of programming software applications with Instant Developer.

Mobile application development and synchronization

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This course shows Mobile application development and introduces advanced techniques, including synchronization.

Instant Developer Reporting Engine

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Take this course to master the power of the Instant Developer Reporting Engine, allowing you to create not only full-featured reports but also complex UI.