Customer stories

Check out some of the solutions created with Instant Developer to see how software development companies and corporate IT teams have overcome hurdles, got solutions to market in a timely and efficient manner, and kept costs under control. Or, if you need help developing your application or would like to see your work showcased here,  find out more.


Albalog develops ExtraERP, a complete latest-generation management platform for mobile use through browsers and mobile Web apps

Next-Magneti Marelli

Magneti Marelli automates processes for collecting, analyzing, and processing WCM Cost Deployment data at the global level

Cima Ingranaggi

Process performance + 400%

The solution created with Instant Developer allowed us to cut processing times, increasing the efficiency of the process by 400%.


Medwork Suite significantly speeds up management of services related to occupational medicine for clinics, businesses, and physicians


Bookmark creates Active Trees, a complete system for managing complex organizations


12,000 meter readings per day using mobile devices

We needed daily, real-time, readings of 12,000 meters. With Instant Developer we developed a mobile solution in 30 man days.


Evin brings order taking to tablets, automating the entire logistics flow


InitZero helps Costanter S.p.A. significantly improve its warehouse management with CloudWMS


Gemoro optimizes its sales force productivity by 40% thanks to Aurum PocketOffice

Ser.Man-ASG Assistenza

S@tech achieves a 21% increase in support requests handled by its operators, also allowing end customers to view the progress of support requests in real time

Giemme Informatica

Giemme Informatica provides mobile access to enterprise data increasing the productivity of the sales departments of its enterprise clients


MiniConf increases its revenue thanks to an e-commerce portal for B2B purchases developed by InitZero

Alfa Laval
5 Million

5,000,000 records

We required daily elaboration of 5,000,000 records. Instant Developer allowed us to integrate all the diverse sources.

Deasoft-Ideal CRM

Deasoft revolutionizes sales management for its customers with an “active” CRM system capable of leading prospects along the entire path to purchase

IL Simposio

IL Simposio develops a system to effectively and flexibly manage insurance policies, allowing its clients to reduce management costs by 30%

01S Community Company

01S makes completing the most common Italian tax form more intuitive, reducing training times for staff at tax preparation centers

Next-Brescia Province

Brescia province increases the efficiency of agricultural and veterinary inspections thanks to a tablet-based solution supporting digital signatures


200% surge in sales

Based on our past experience with Instant Developer, we expected an increase in sales, but not a surge like that.


Sismed increases efficiency and profitability of preventive and occupational medicine management at the San Raffaele Resnati hospital in Milan


DeaSoft simplifies management of events and sponsorships by developing an innovative web application with ERP

Partner Solution

Partner Solution helps LP Tour launch the first Italian web portal specializing in accessible travel, completely self-directed by users


FPBS solves the problem of managing commissions and partnership agreements for insurance companies

NSI Nier Soluzioni Informatiche

Prototyping time

Speeding up prototyping is critical: customers have more confidence in you... With InDe prototyping takes 1/10 the time.

Ser.Man-Toscano Gaetano

Toscano Gaetano S.a.s. achieves a 15% increase in monthly orders, providing agents with mobile devices to take orders with a digital signature


TruckOne develops the first ERP logistics system to integrate SAP Business One


Customers managed

Real-time tracking of orders on mobile devices allows us to work from any place. We will serve 20% more customers.


Ottima creates a system that helps area managers and contract coordinators at a large cooperative handle scheduling of personnel


MixNow increases productivity for direct selling in the coffee industry with a solution for mobile devices

Albalog-SatWeb Portal

Albalog develops the first Italian web software for telemetry and remote management of printing devices

Soft System

Soft System develops Maia, the web software that's a maintenance manager's ally